August 2015 KJZZ  “Musical Mapmaking Encourages Listeners…”
Feature on OME’s Musical Maps Events

July 2015 KBAQ “Musical Maps Engage Listeners”
Online interview about OME’s Musical Mapmaking Events

Feb 2014 Downtown Devil “Trunk Space Hosts 10-hour Concert…
Article recounting the first OME Festival

Feb 2014 KBAQ “Local Composer Launches New Music Marathon
Interview about the first OME Festival

Jan 2014 KBAQ “Journey into the Mind of a Composer
Interview with director Megan Waver about Seven Layers of Bastian Bachman

May 2013 KBAQ “Classical Revolution PHX Explores New Works by Local Composers
Interview about Arizona Centennial Composition Composition Winners Concert

Nov 2012 New Times Blog “What are you listening to?
Local musicians are asked what’s on their mind and what’s on their iPod.